It only takes one viral video to kickstart your channel's growth. By using AI-generated videos, you can ensure that you provide highly engaging content consistently!


Prompt: The Haunted Doll in the Lost Cabin


Prompt: The Vibrant Carnival of Rio


Prompt: Frozen Paradise: Living in the Arctic Cities


Prompt: The Magic of the Polar Lights


Prompt: The Spark of Existence: The Untold Story of the Big Bang


Prompt: The Untold Story of the Battle of Waterloo

AI generated TikToks, Reels, Youtube Shorts

Choose a topic

Start the video generation process by providing a topic in your niche.

remove video background

Review the generated script

Based on your topic a video script is generated. Review the script and edit it if needed.

Automatically generate captions

Choose Voice Actor

All videos come with a voice over by default. Choose from many good voices which will make your video more vivid.

add text to video

Start generating

Hit the generate button to start the generation proccess for the video. Once the process is finished you will see the resulting video in your library.

add audio to video

Edit and download

Click on the newly generated video to load it into the video editor. there you can edit it if needed and download it to upload it to your favourite platforms.

add image to video

Automate your Growth journey

Your channel only needs one viral video to gain traction!


$29 /mo

  • Generate 1 AI Video per day
  • HD Download
  • AI Voice Over
  • AI Subtitles
  • Online Video Editor


$49 /mo

  • Generate 3 AI Videos per day
  • HD Download
  • AI Voice Over
  • AI Subtitles
  • Online Video Editor


$99 /mo

  • Generate 10 AI Videos per day
  • HD Download
  • AI Voice Over
  • AI Subtitles
  • Online Video Editor

FAQs for Automated Video Creation & Editing

Have questions about how it works? Here's everything you need to know.

What can I create with this AI Video generator?

Our service allows you to automatically generate videos for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels by simply selecting a niche or providing a title. Our AI handles everything from scripting to video production.

Which file formats can I download my videos in?

You can download your AI-generated videos in popular formats such as MP4, which is widely supported across all social media platforms.

Can I edit my AI-generated videos?

Yes, after generating your video, you can further customize it using our online video editor. Add text, captions, music, and more to personalize your content.

Is it possible to add music or voiceovers to my videos?

Absolutely, you can enhance your AI-generated videos by adding music tracks, voiceovers, and other audio elements through our comprehensive editing suite.

How do I export my edited video?

Once your video is ready, export it directly from our platform in your desired format. Easily download and upload to any social media site to engage your audience.