How to generate an AI voice

Upload a video

First off, we need your video on board to kickstart the magic. Uploading your video is as simple as dragging and dropping it from your computer, just like you would drag a picture into a folder. And don’t fret if you don’t have a video ready; we've got you covered! Dive into our vast collection of stock videos; it's like a sprawling digital library filled with exciting videos awaiting your selection. Whether you drag and drop your own video or pick a gem from our collection, you're setting the stage for the fantastic journey ahead to the next step!

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Generate AI Voice

Now onto an exciting phase - generating a lifelike voice for your video! Head over to the audio section, and you'll find a space to type in the text you want to breathe life into. Once you hit 'Generate', our AI gets into action, conjuring a natural-sounding voice from your text. Voila! The audio clip makes its entrance on the timeline, ready for your review. Hit 'Play' to hear the magic, and if it’s not in sync, no worries! You can drag the audio clip around the timeline until it’s perfectly aligned with your video. This step is where your text finds its voice, literally!

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Download and Share

And now, the grand finale! Once you've tailored the audio to your heart's content, it's time to choose the format that suits your needs. Hit 'Download' located snugly at the bottom right, and behold the rendering magic as your creation gets ready for the spotlight. It’s like your video is packing its bags, prepping to jump onto your device. Once the rendering wraps up, the 'Download' button is your gateway to grab your video. Now, with a file ready to roll, you're all set to share your masterpiece far and wide. Revel in the accolades as your video makes waves, and remember, this entire digital artistry started with just a few clicks and typed words on our platform. You did it!

download the video with the ai voice

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

What is the AI Voice Generator?

Our AI Voice Generator is a cutting-edge feature that converts your text into natural-sounding audio. It's designed to help add a personal touch to your videos without the high costs traditionally associated with professional voiceovers.

How do I use the AI Voice Generator?

It's a breeze! Simply upload your video, navigate to the audio section, type in the text you want to convert to voice, and hit 'Generate'. The audio clip will appear on the timeline, where you can listen, reposition, or adjust it until it matches your video perfectly.

Can I choose different voices or accents?

Yes, our AI Voice Generator offers a variety of voices and accents to choose from. You can explore and select the one that fits your project the best.

Is the AI-generated voice royalty-free?

Yes, the AI-generated voice is royalty-free. However, it’s always good to review our terms of service for any restrictions or guidelines regarding the use of generated content.

How long does it take to generate the voice audio?

The generation of voice audio is usually quick, but it may vary depending on the length of the text and the current load on our servers. Rest assured, we strive to provide a swift and smooth experience.

Can I edit the AI-generated voice?

Once the AI voice has been generated, you can adjust its position on the timeline to ensure it aligns with your video perfectly. However, for more intricate editing, you might need to use additional audio editing software.