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It only takes one viral video to kickstart your channel's growth. By using AI-generated videos, you can ensure that you provide highly engaging content consistently!

Choose a topic

Start the video generation process by providing a topic in your niche.

  • Prompt videos as desired
  • Selected niches to choose from

Review the generated script

Based on your topic a video script is generated. Review the script and edit it if needed.

  • AI generated video scripts
  • 100% customizable

Choose Voice Actor

All videos come with a voice over by default. Choose from many good voices which will make your video more vivid.

  • 100% natural sounding AI voices
  • OpenAI Voices

Start generating

Hit the generate button to start the generation proccess for the video. Once the process is finished you will see the resulting video in your library.

  • Fast generation

Edit and download

Click on the newly generated video to load it into the video editor. there you can edit it if needed and download it to upload it to your favourite platforms.

  • Full video editor included
  • Access to previously generated content

One Time Payments

Only pay for what you need. No subscription required!

5 Videos
$ 14
  • TikToks, Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels
  • You own the copyright
  • HD Download
  • AI Voice Over
  • AI Subtitles
  • Full Online Video Editor
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